Strengthening the Bronx:
Summary of the Debate on
Urban Agriculture and Food Security


Fortaleciendo al Bronx: Resumen del Debate sobre Agricultura Urbana y Seguridad Alimentaria

We are excited to share insightful highlights from our recent participation on behalf of Casa Yurumein at the Urban Agriculture and Food Security Debate in the Bronx, a pivotal event that took place on February 2, 2024 at Fordham University's Rose Hill campus. The event began with a warm welcome, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and participation. We emphasize that the opening session offered a unique opportunity for the press, highlighting the importance of the discussions that would take place.

Congressman Ritchie Torres set the stage, emphasizing the crucial role of urban agriculture in strengthening food security in the Bronx. Dr. Julie Gafney on behalf of Fordham University shared the university's commitment to supporting strategic initiatives that address the challenges of urban agriculture. Blake Glover Representing USDA's New York State Conservationist, offered valuable insights into conservation efforts and the federal government's role in supporting urban agriculture in New York. Qiana Mickie Executive Director of the Mayor's Office of Urban Agriculture highlighted the city's dedication to urban agriculture and discussed initiatives aimed at promoting food security. Among other speakers.

Detailed presentations by all speakers provided a comprehensive understanding of existing programs, challenges and future plans in urban agriculture. Attendees gained valuable insights into the current landscape and potential avenues for growth.

A dynamic question and answer session, moderated by Qiana Mickie, allowed attendees to interact directly with the speakers. This interactive segment enriched the discussion, bringing diverse perspectives and ensuring a thorough exploration of the topics discussed.

The event concluded with inspiring closing remarks, emphasizing the collaborative efforts needed to address the challenges of urban agriculture and improve food security in the Bronx. The roundtable discussion laid the groundwork for ongoing initiatives and collective action. We extend our sincere thanks to all participants, including Congressman Ritchie Torres, representatives from USDA and the Mayor's Office of Urban Agriculture, and all who contributed to the success of this vital discussion. Stay tuned for updates and future initiatives as we continue to strengthen the Bronx toward a more sustainable and food secure future.

Together we build a path to a more secure and unified future!