Report 2023: Milestones in the Trajectory of Casa Yurumein and Honduras Against AIDS

EDWIN ALVAREZ | BRONX NY | 3 JAN 2024 - 16:30

Construyendo un futuro sostenible para la sostenibilidad de Casa Yurumein


Dear friends,

Casa Yurumein and Hondurans Against AIDS, Inc. extend their most sincere gratitude for your continued trust, commitment and support in the defense of our cause. Our overall goal remains steadfast: to create inclusive spaces that foster the well-being of our community, with a dedicated focus on human rights, social equality, equity and integral development.

We have established a dynamic and participatory framework, where the community learns from us and teaches us. This collaborative approach has raised our profile and needs not only within New York City and other U.S. states, but also on the international stage.

These are some of the highlights of our achievements in 2023:

December 2022: Signed lease agreement for Casa Yurumein.

January 2023:

- Invitation to participate in the Black Caucus by Congressman Ritchie Torres. - Signing of the contract for the construction of Casa Yurumein's website. - Garifuna legislative visit to Albany. - The agreement with Jacobi Hospital for referrals of uninsured clients continues. - Beginning of the recruitment of Miss Garifuna. - Active participation in advocacy, training and workshops on TPS.

February 2023:

- Casa Yurumein officially opens its doors.

March 2023:

- Participation in the SOMOS New York conference in Albany. - Participation in the Latino Commission on AIDS Conference, Albany, NY.

April 2023:

- Various activities commemorating Garifuna Heritage Month. - Garifuna Spirituality Event at Fordham University. - Health Fair held inside Casa Yurumein. - Legislative visit to Washington. - Collaboration with Miss Garifuna activities in New Orleans and New York. - Gastronomic Fair and Pop-up Shop

May 2023:

- Attendance at a conference at the University of London. - Organizing a meeting with Epsy Campbell-Barr at Casa Yurumein. - Conversation class in Garifuna language. - Participation in the Memorial in Honor of the Victims of COVID-19.

June 2023:

- Meeting with the Albert Einstein Hospital Research Center on genetic issues with the Garifuna people. - Cultural activities in Mali - Orchard Beach. - Participation in the Hunts Point Fish Parade and Arts Festival. - HIV Conference in Limón Colón - Sponsored by Sr. Celso Castro, Terry Bermudez and the Mayor of Limon. - Garifuna Business and Craft Fair - Participation in a round table discussion on mental health with Secretary Becerra of the United States.

July 2023:

- URAGA - Cultural activity. - Summer art classes for children and youths - Participation at the Community Dialogue Meeting: Addressing Critical Challenges in the Bronx

August 2023:

- Follow-up of the Human Rights Project in Honduras. - Coordination of the Casa Yurumein Support Group. - Coordination of Mundo de Vida and Despensa Casa Yurumein.

September 2023:

- First meeting to coordinate health and wellness programs.

October 2023:

- ONECA Women's Conference in San Salvador. - Meeting with the New York Women's Foundation at Casa Yurumein. - Follow-up of the Human Rights Project in Honduras.

November 2023:

- Barauda Award. - Attendance at the SOMOS NY Conference in Puerto Rico. - Continued monitoring of the Human Rights Project in Honduras.

December 2023:

- Health Fair held inside Casa Yurumein. - Participation in the Princeton University Conference. - Transformation of Miss Garifuna from a cultural activity to a Cultural Leadership Program.

We recognize that our journey is not a solitary one; we firmly believe in coexistence with other actors committed to the work and progress of the community. Special thanks to Alianza Americas, Fordham University, Falaropo Foundation, Raza e Igualdad Foundation, La Palabra de Vida International, Jacob Hospital, CARECEN San Francisco, CARECEN Washington and the entire Garifuna community in New York City, the United States and the Central American region. The challenges before us are formidable, but we assume our responsibility and continue to chart the way forward.

With gratitude,


Making paths to walk...