Report 2022:
A year of achievements for
Casa Yurumein and Hondurans Against Aids


Dear friends:

From Casa Yurumein and Hondurans Against AIDS, we want to thank you for your trust, commitment and support in believing in our work. Our objective is to create spaces for the benefit of our community - with a focus on human rights, social equality, equity and integral development. To achieve this we created a work structure; teaching - learning, participatory that leads us to raise the profile and needs of our community in the city of New York and in other states of the American Union and in our communities of origin.


  • Work on COVID-19 pandemic reduction in the community (handing out masks, hand sanitizers, COVID-19 testing, educating the community on the importance of getting vaccinated, support in making vaccination appointments, virtual workshops on other medical problems).
  • Ongoing legislative work, coordination of actions for immigration reform/concrete proposals on Temporary Protected Status (TPS).
  • Community education workshops on TPS, organizing and advocacy.
  • Legislative visits to Albany- presenting the needs of the community in New York City and in the search for Recognition, Justice and Development.
  • Garifuna History Commemoration in New York City and the United States from April 1 to 30 – where several activities were held highlighting the history, culture and needs of the community (support was provided to cities in other states with the commemoration).
  • International Participation in the Geneva Emigration Forum
  • Coordination of a delegation of 18 people to England in the quest to complement the Garifuna History – establishing working relationships with the University of Warwick, the University of London, the Embassies of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Embassy of Honduras in London.
  • Participation in the Fourth Regional Conference on Population and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean -Chile
  • Participation in the XV ONECA Women’s Conference in La Ceiba, Honduras.
  • Advocacy meetings with political actors of the governments of Honduras and Guatemala. Deputies, Governor’s Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others.
  • Participation in the fourth Honduran Writers Book Festival in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Accompanying Aurelio Martinez and the New York University Department of Hemispheric Institute
  • Participation in the Global Forum on Discrimination and Racism in Mexico City.
  • Participation in the First Permanent Forum of Afrodescendants – Geneva
  • Coordinate the XXVIII ONECA Assembly in New York City, with the participation of Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize.
  • Participation in the Alianza Americas Assembly in Washington, D.C.
  • The securing and upcoming opening of Casa Yurumein’s new location- located at 1300 Southern Blvd. Bronx, NY 10459.

We are happy and proud to represent our community, both in New York City, the United States, the Central American region and around the world. We know that the challenge is great, but we are ready to work and achieve our objectives.