Reflective Meeting on
the Afro-Indigenous Peoples of Honduras:
Exclusion, Conflict and Migration

In commemoration of the World Day for African Culture and Descendants, Mirtha Colón, president of Organización Negra Centroamérica and Hondureños Contra El Sida, actively participated in a reflective panel on the Afro-Indigenous Peoples of Honduras. This significant meeting was organized by the United States Institute of Peace.

During the session, Mirtha Colón shared valuable perspectives on the challenges faced by Afro-Indigenous Peoples in Honduras, addressing critical issues such as exclusion, conflict and migration. The president stressed the importance of understanding the reality and needs of these communities in order to promote inclusive and sustainable development.

The event, framed as a reflective dialogue, focused on efforts to overcome the historical and contemporary challenges faced by Afro-Indigenous Peoples. Mirtha Colón’s participation shed light on the ongoing struggle of these communities, their resistance in the face of exclusion and the importance of addressing issues that directly impact their well-being.

Organized by the United States Institute of Peace, the panel provided an essential platform for the exchange of ideas and awareness of the situation of Afro-Indigenous Peoples in Honduras. These types of events promote mutual understanding and foster collaboration to address the fundamental issues facing these communities.

Mirtha Colón’s active participation highlights the importance of giving voice to marginalized communities and working together to build a more equitable future. This reflective event served as a reminder of the need to promote cultural respect, inclusion and social justice in Honduras and around the world.