President of Casa Yurumein Participates in Debate on Migration, Climate Justice and Equity.


Presidenta de Casa Yurumein Participa en Debate sobre Migración, Justicia Climática y Equidad

We are pleased to announce that Mirtha Colón, President of Casa Yurumein, participated as a featured panelist in the workshop "Migration, Climate Justice and Equity", held on Friday, March 9, 2024. The event took place at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, New York, and was organized by SOMOS. This organization stands out for its leading role in uniting Latino communities with the goal of generating positive and transformative impacts, seeking to improve the socioeconomic and civic status of all Latinos in New York State and beyond.

Event Summary
The workshop, moderated by Assemblyman Jonathan D. Rivera of the 149th Assembly District, aimed to explore the complex interplay between migration, climate justice and equity. Participants discussed how climate change affects migration patterns and influences the fair distribution of resources and opportunities. Discussions also revolved around the ethical, social and political dimensions of climate-induced migration, emphasizing the importance of addressing these challenges through a perspective of justice and equity.

With a focus on Latino communities throughout New York State, participants examined the resources available at various levels of government and advocated for better access for immigrant communities. The workshop fostered dialogue on creating equitable solutions that respect the rights and dignity of all people affected by climate-induced migration.

The panelists who participated in the event are outstanding individuals with an impressive track record of commitment and leadership in their respective fields.

Murad Awawdeh, as Executive Director of the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), has spent more than two decades advocating for low-income communities and communities of color in New York. His extensive experience includes leading electoral, legislative and policy campaigns at various levels of government, as well as mobilizing communities against anti-immigrant policies.

Daniela Castillo, Director of the Green Light District Program at El Puente, a human rights organization based in North Brooklyn, is an advocate for community engagement, environmental justice and coalition building. Her work is based on principles of solidarity economy and just transition, informed by her background in Urban Design and Ecologies.

Mirtha Colón, President of Casa Yurumein, is a Garifuna activist and social worker committed to supporting Caribbean migrants in the Bronx, New York. With a master's degree in social work from Fordham University, she founded Hondurans Against AIDS in 1992 to address HIV/AIDS education and cultural preservation within the Garifuna community. His tireless advocacy has earned him recognition, including the Outstanding Career in the Service of Humanity Award from the New York State Legislature.

Surey Miranda Alarcón, as Director of Campus and Community Engagement at Fordham University, brings extensive experience in community outreach, community organizing and program development. Passionate about community development and advocacy, Surey has a background in economics and teaches courses at SUNY's Fashion Institute of Technology.

We extend our thanks to all panelists for their valuable contributions to the debate on migration, climate justice and equity. Their experience and commitment inspire us to continue to advocate for inclusive and equitable solutions to address the challenges posed by climate-induced migration.

Presidenta de Casa Yurumein Participa en Debate sobre Migración, Justicia Climática y Equidad
Presidenta de Casa Yurumein Participa en Debate sobre Migración, Justicia Climática y Equidad