Selina's community work began in 1997 in the city of La Ceiba, Honduras, Central America, where she led a group aimed at guiding and redirecting adolescents who were engaging in aggressive behavior.

She currently serves as general secretary of Hondurans Against AIDS, Inc.

Selina joined HCS and Casa Yurumein in 2012 and for the past two years has been involved in organizing the Community Health Program.

Selina's passion is working with children and youth of immigrant parents, this passion led Selina to coordinate the HCS Children's Program, and to be part of the Alianza America's program called "SOMOS/SOMOS" where the work focused on exposing children to express their feelings through art. Giving them the opportunity to explore racial discrimination, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance.

She is founder and president of Selina's Kids Book Club, founded in 2012, the work is done on the island of Roatan. The project consists of reading time with the children and donation of school supplies. The project is aimed at school children. During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Selina played an important role in coordinating the distribution of meals, hand sanitizer, masks and Covid-19 Testing Kits in conjunction with Alianza Americas' SOMOS SALUD program. Her education: Bachelor's Degree in Small Business Administration from Ashworth College, Certificate in Customer Service from SoBro and is a Registered Nursing Assistant from Hostos Community College. Selina was born on the island of Roatan in Honduras Central America, the daughter of a Garifuna father and a black Creole English speaking mother, she proudly embraces both ethnicities. She immigrated to the U.S. in 2002 and is married with three children.