Gastronomic Fair and Pop up Shop successfully held in New York City

On April 8, 2023, as part of the commemoration of Garifuna Heritage Month, the organizations LUMALALI LIMUN INTERNATIONAL and the Asociación Unión Corozaleña de Nueva York ASUNCOR, carried out a double activity at the Garifuna Community Center - Casa Yurumein. With the presence of Garifuna micro-entrepreneurs such as Danias, Adee's jewelry box, HCB talking to Belili, Jazzy's creations, JRC Garifuna collections among others, which showed products such as handicrafts, natural medicine, paintings, various brands of T-shirts, hats, swimsuits, girdles, underwear, cups, key chains, thermoses, ointments, handmade jewelry Garifuna, custom protectors, etc..

In addition, there was a representation of the gastronomic diversity or expo-sale of typical Garifuna food such as: Machuca (Hudutu), Rice and Beans (coconut marriage), Sweet Rice (Bimekaküle), Casabe (Ereba), Marote (Marúmaruti), Farina, Pauda-bonu, Fried Fish, Iguana in Coconut. Breads and Desserts among them: Coconut bread (Fein), Rolled bread or sweet bread (Bonu), Hard bread (Keke), Caballitos (Kawayitu), Coconut cake, Corn bread (Pan de meisí), Sweet potato bread (peteta), Ayote bread (Pónkini), Coconut tablet (Dábuledu), Starch cookie (Salforita), Banana bread (Pulanbredi), Rice pudding (Raisilabu), Tamales (Gadámalu), Cassava tamales (Dani), Guineo tamales (Darasa) and Atoles (Adulu), Corn atol (Kan-labu) and natural drinks (Uniñei), such as Kalawala, Gifiti and coconut water.

We celebrated the 50th anniversary of ASUNCOR, Asociación Unión Corozaleña in New York City. There were musical presentations with the participation of Garifuna singer Alondra Ramos a la and a pleasant cultural musical repertoire with DJ 45.

We invite you to join us for the remaining activities this month. On Tuesday, April 11, we will be celebrating the life of Celeo Alvarez Casildo starting at 7:00 p.m. On the premises of Casa Yurumein 1300 Southern Blvd, Bronx NY 2nd Floor.