Develop your creativity and love for art

this summer at Casa Yurumein

EDWIN ALVAREZ | BRONX NY | 8 JUL 2023 - 16:30 ET

¡Desarrolla tu creatividad y amor por el arte este verano en Casa Yurumein!

We are pleased to announce that today, July 8, 2023, we have kicked off our summer art classes.

Durante un emocionante período que abarca desde hoy hasta el 12 de agosto de 2023, estaremos brindando una experiencia enriquecedora llena de creatividad y diversión para niños y niñas de 6 a 12 años.

At Casa Yurumein, we firmly believe in the power of art to inspire, stimulate the imagination and encourage personal expression. Our goal is to provide young artists with a welcoming and enriching environment where they can develop their creativity and love for art.

Our classes will be held at our facility located on the second floor of 1300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10459. We have a team of highly trained and committed volunteers who will guide the children through a variety of exciting and educational art activities.

During these summer art classes, children will have the opportunity to explore different artistic techniques, such as painting, drawing, sculpture and much more. We will foster experimentation and creativity, encouraging them to express themselves freely and develop their own unique artistic style.

At Casa Yurumein, we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive and diverse environment, where every child feels valued and respected. We believe that art is a powerful tool to promote personal growth and the development of important skills such as problem solving, communication and self-confidence.

We invite you to join us and discover the wonderful world of art! If you would like to enroll your son or daughter in our summer art classes, please feel free to visit us at Casa Yurumein, at the above address. You can also contact us at (646) 506-2533.

Don't miss this opportunity to inspire your son or daughter and nurture their creativity. We hope to see you soon at Casa Yurumein!

¡Desarrolla tu creatividad y amor por el arte este verano en Casa Yurumein!
¡Desarrolla tu creatividad y amor por el arte este verano en Casa Yurumein!